Participation in conferences

The Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture actively participates in international meetings and conferences, also as a member of the Panta Rhei association of EU paying agencies. ARMA representatives regularly take part in Panta Rhei conferences and in the conferences of directors of EU paying agencies.

Exchange of expertise - recent developments

ARMA takes also part in the exchange of expertise and know-how between EU paying agencies on a more direct, one-to-one basis. Last year, ARMA has hosted several foreign delegations:

- representatives of Romanian paying agency (RIFA) for an exchange of information on the implementation of EU and state aid funds,

- representatives of Croatian paying agency (APPRRR) in relation with the implementation of a Twinning Project,

- representatives of Moldovan Agency for Intervention and Payments for Agriculture (AIPA),

- representatives of Turkish agricultural funds managing body (TKDK),

- representatives of Italian paying agency (AVEPA) and Romanian paying agency (RIFA) for an expert exchange session under an anti-fraud project within the Hercule III 2014-2020 Programme,

- representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazachstan for a discussion on IT solutions used to support the management of aid for rural areas in Poland,

- representatives of Austrian paying agency AgrarMarkt Austria (AMA).

This year, ARMA has hosted colleagues from the Lithuanian and Ukrainian agricultural agencies and also representatives of a Croatian regional development institution and representatives of the agricultural sector of Azerbaijan.

Apart from than, ARMA has established a direct, bilateral cooperation with Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian and Turkish agricultural agencies, as well as with the Lithuanian and Ukrainian ones.

Moreover, ARMA has been involved in a Twinning Project for the development and improvement of agriculture in Croatia in collaboration with Spanish paying agency.


ARMA is the editor of a quarterly published in English and Polish, titled “Polish Food”, which you can read here: